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We are sttor

We are a group of hackers helping organisations to secure there web applications, infrastructures, devices, and mobile apps. We carry vulnerability assessment and penetration testing by strictly following the OWASP methodologies. We have helped companies like Facebook and Google to secure their infrastructure and applications.

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What We Do

We’ve got everything you need to secure your business

Web application security

We will scan your web services for every severity of vulnerabilities. We follow the OWASP testing guide and focus is mainly on OWASP Top Ten Vulnerabilities of the year.

Android & iOS pentest

Mobile endpoints are more vulnerable these days. We have expertise in static and dynamic approach of black box testing for mobile apps

Startup's SOC

We provide SOC as a service for SMB's and startups. We have developed our own osquery powered security analytics system. We will manage your cybersecurity, compliance and observalibility.

Endpoint security

We will help you securing your employee laptops and servers. Employee laptops are main source of data breach these days. We are specialized in providing inhouse Security analytics and monitoring platform.

Recent Works

We love what we do, check out some of our latest hacks

Facebook Security

Email server hacked

We have discovered a vulnerability in email security service used by the facebook. We were able to post on behalf of any user.

Google Voice Typing

Private conversation leakage

It was considered as the BUG of the week by google. It was possible to record the private conversations of users using google docs voice typing feature.

Google Pay

Transfer of money

We were able to deduct money and transfer it to our's wallet with single click on vulnerable page.

Google Sites Cross Origin Access

Drive token exposure

We were able to embed our js script in google sites bypassing Caja protection to get visitors drive, csrf, access tokens.


Sttor has been honored to helped these companies with responsible disclosure.

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